Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutters are by far the most popular type of door. Installed on both industrial and commercial premises, they are adaptable to fit almost any application and offer high levels of security.

Industrial Roller Shutters

Manufactured from rolled formed galvanised steel sections (Lath), slotted together horizontally to form a rigid and durable curtain. Lath can be manufactured with a variety of finishes suitable for both industrial and retail premises. Available with a range of locking options dependent on level of security required.

Roller shutter doors can be manufactured as manual chain operation or operated by electrical motor and control panel. Alternatively a fully automated system can be installed to meet your exact requirements.

Industrial Roller Shutters are designed and built for the heavier day to day use experienced on commercial sites. Because we at Excel Industrial Doors survey, design and manufacture we guarantee to produce the highest quality Roller Shutters on time and to the customers specification installed by our fully trained staff.

Commercial and Retail

Lighter duty than industrial Roller Shutters for retail premises can be made from small perforated, large punched lath or chain and link these allow products in window displays to be seen yet maintain a high level of security.


Our Products Include

  • Roller shutters for retail premises
  • Commercial premises security shutters
  • Security shutters for retail premises
  • Foam filled shutters, Domestic, Security
  • Home security shutters, garage doors

Residential Shutters – Garage Doors

Excel Automatic Doors also provide a range of foam filled domestic roller shutters and roller doors which combine the benefits of reducing energy costs by more than 40% with keeping out intruders, avoiding storm damage and allowing a peaceful rest in a dark and quiet room.

These are suitable for renovation as well as for new construction and the wide range of finishes ensure perfect integration in any building.

Made from high quality products from PVC to virtually indestructible aluminium (foam filled) these roller shutters and doors provide a solution for every application.

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